June 2013 Newsletter

After a busy two months I have finally managed to produce a newsletter. I recently gave a talk on the emerging divide between those who believe that opioid substitution is a treatment in itself, and those who believe that it is not really recovery. My talk, Opioid Substitution Therapy: Treatment vs. Recovery can be found here. This was prior to me being aware of the DSM qualification of "on maintenance therapy" for those in remission from Substance Use Disorders. I think we will see this argument developing in the States, and opinions will remain polarised. Hopefully we will see a more balanced approach in the South African setting. Comments are most welcome.

In this month's newsletter we talk about: Agonist Therapy for Stimulant Addiction, Is addiction a Disease?, The Anti-Reward System, Stimulant Addiction and Gray Matter, The Most Important Treatment Studies Matrix, Chris Arnade, Mindfulness and Improved RCTs in addiction.