The Relationships of Addiction

I would like to thank the ever gracious Marc Lewis for his input and commentary. Please visit Marc's blog site, Memoirs of an Addicted Brain. Parts of this talk have been taken from my own piece A Christian and an Addict Walk Into a Meeting

Those of you who grew up in the eighties will know that Roxy Music had a song called “Love is the Drug”, and indeed, as we shall see, some research shows that being in love is much the same as being in the throes of active addiction. But tonight I want to look at this from another angle as well – addiction as a relationship. This thought started with my looking at a particular definition of addiction:

Addiction is a pathological relationship with a substance or activity at the expense of more beneficial relationships. 

Now I am very much opposed to the anthropomorphisms that are so common in the addiction field where we often hear about “the disease talking”, but being a child of the 70’s and 80’s I was exposed to Frank Zappa’s rock opera Joe’s Garage where Joe forms an intimate relationship with a household appliance, so maybe my mind has been open to the idea of forming a relationship with inanimate objects – such as drugs, gambling or money!