Newsletter Archive

January 2013 Newsletter, Volume 1:1
The Motivated Addict, Dual-process models, CBT Ineffective?, Drug Policy, Brain Structure, Meth Psychosis, Transcriptional Mechanisms, Nepicastat & 18-MC Trials, Neuroscientist Marc Lewis, Dr Frankenstein's Cure and "beating addiction".

February 2013 Newsletter, Volume 1:2
Inside Rehab, Celebrity Rehab, Recovery or Treatment?, Dr Mark Willenbring, OST, Naloxone, NMDA  Modulators, Epigenetics, Frankenstien Drugs, Local Research, Ibudilast for Meth addiction?, Policy in NZ, Columbia and Africa, Banker or Dealer?

March 2013 Newsletter, Volume 1:3
Gambling, The DeltaFOSB Feedforward Loop, Drug Court, The Portuguese Drug Policy, Russel Brand on Addiction, Discontinuation of Sublingual Buprenorphine and Possible Approval for Buprenorphine Implants

June 2013 Newsletter, Volume 1:4
Agonist Therapy for Stimulant Addiction, Is addiction a Disease?, The Anti-Reward System, Stimulant Addiction and Gray Matter, The Most Important Treatment Studies Matrix, Chris Arnade, Mindfulness and Improved RCTs in addiction.

August 2013 Newsletter, Volume 1:5 
The Reward Pathway of Opioid Addiction, Does Maintenance Therapy Need Counselling?, The Scottish Review of Methadone Treatment, Is One Too many?, The Multistep Theory of Transition to Addiction,Internet Addiction, Scott Kellogg.

October 2013 Newsletter, Volume 1:6
An opioid addiction switch, Behavioural Interventions and Buprenorphine Maintenance, Chronic Care, Remission Rates, Choice and Will Power, Dr Dan Siegel and the Mind & Life Conference.

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