March 2014 Newsletter

It has been a while since the last newsletter. What with holidays, the start of the new academic year, a revamp of the program I run and various other commitments time has been short. I will try to produce at least one newsletter per quarter for 2014, but can't guarantee it! Please feel free to forward any articles you feel should be included.

It has been a sad time for us in South Africa with the death of Nelson Mandela. Even though this was some months back his presence is very much evident. It is very difficult to explain to those without an intimate knowledge of our history just how much this man has come to symbolise. He is the figurehead that represents the struggle of many other great men, a nation and the political structures he represented. If it was not for the efforts of Mandela and these individuals, the treatment centre I run would not be legal. This is a thought that is truly bizarre,  and a sad indictment on those that allowed the apartheid system to flourish under the old regime. We miss Tata Madiba.

In the last news letter I spoke about the Mind & Life Conference on craving, desire and addiction. Well, that is now past, and it was indeed extremely interesting. I have summarised all the presentations, and they can be accessed through this post here.

Due to time constraints this is a shortened newsletter, but I'm sure you will find these articles and subjects as interesting as I have. These include: Addiction as Relationship, Stress and Addiction, Gabapentin, Buprenorphine, Rat Park, Mindfulness and addiction, Mike Ashton, Logical Fallacies.